“And are ya still over in Berlin, ya are?”

Some highlights from the first 8 months of beer in Berlin


Muted Horn Two Year Anniversary

Literally the second week I was in the country Muted Horn were having their two year birthday bash. The place was rammed, I sat at the bar and even on such a busy night the staff chatted away and the drinks flew out. The tap list was as outrageous as you’d expect, I was warming up on Cantillon Nath where I’d normally take any one of you off life support for a pour.

After a Bruery English BBA barley wine, American Solera Foeder Cerise and a Perennial/ Sump Coffee Impy stout I had a Nitro CBS and then slowly dissolved like Pac man when he’s hit by a Ghost. I woke up at home minus one life.

Honourable mentions to the Bokkerayder and Omnipollo bottle releases.





I’ve never drank as much Orval in my life. I’ve no idea why, but It’s everywhere and I feel like they’re just giving it away. If I were ever to be Cask of Amontillado’d into a wall with one case of  beer it would be Orval and I swear to Christ they’d find my Skeleton clutching a bottle.





Whiplash and Fuerst Wiacek brewday

See this post for not just a great brewday but also the soundness of the blokes involved.


The Big Tall Glass

I don’t feel like I found this glass, I feel like the glass found me.




Protokol getting heavy handed with cans

Protokol is my local and I already have so much love for it. Just bang on sound staff and great beers, I stroll in to the likes of Cascade and War pigs all the time. But it feels like whenever I haven’t darkened the door in awhile the guys get a hold of some of the most outrageous cans. Lovely cans.

I’d have work in the morning and Toppling Goliath cans would have just been flown in from the states. Old Nation sat in the fridge staring at you when you’ve somewhere to be. Or you think you’re walking home for a quiet one and then you pop in for a few Heady Toppers and a Focal banger. All for take away.

It’s crazy and whoever looks after the instagram is playing a blinder.




Lager Lager Bottle Shop

Only open a few months but one of the best shops in the Berlin. It’s small in size but it’s what’s inside that counts. I’ve gotten a number of beers here I haven’t seen anywhere else in the city. Fantome Simcoe saison bottled out of 650, Blaugies/ Hillstead farm collab saison and a rake of Pannepot. A Japanese strawberry lambic? But of course.

They also have a great selection of Natural Wine if you were that way inclined.

I’ve spent more on the same Belgian beers whilst sat in Belgium. I honestly don’t know how they manage it and some day I’m walking out with that 3 litre bottle of Drie Fonteinin strapped to my back.






I was a big fan of the Biereri store in Kruezberg for a good while.  My go to for getting hazy cans so fresh someone must have picked them off a tree yesterday. I’d say it was my 3rd or 4th visit before someone pointed across the road at the bar.

It’s the best beer bar in Kruezberg hands down, the place looks beautiful, the staff play Electric Wizard and I’ve been killed in half by a bottle of Parabola more than once.

I’ve had my eye on a bottle of De Struise Black Damnation for awhile now but I’d have to unravel a ball of string from the front door of my apartment to find my way home again after.



The Monterey Bar Bottlelist

I almost didn’t mention this. It’s the best kept secret in Berlin and Im afraid of the calibre of you swine who’ll darken the door now. Monterey has a lot of charm and some very friendly staff.

But that bottle list. I’ve been up to my eyes in 2010 Pannepot Reserva and a riesling grape farmhouse De Garde, while having to squint one eye trying to see what year of St. Gillose they have.




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