Empties X Vision Thing

Martin MacNamara from Vision Thing, a zine dedicated to weird and obscure cinema, sits down to send in some drinks and talk about movies, music and beers.


Here c’mere to me, explain the zine

Vision Thing is mostly a way for me to do something halfway productive with the reasonable amount of knowledge I have amassed on weird and nasty films, as well as a reason to expand that knowledge, watch more films and get some experience writing material that anyone other than myself will read. I’ve tried to strike a balance somewhere between critical writing and unabashed love-lettering, with a mix of old and new films, as well as general features. This is the first bit of film based writing I’ve done outside academic malark, so its whopper that people have responded well to it. Our good pal Liamy contributed to the first issue and there’ll be a few more contributors to issue 2, which will be out before the Summer.

What’s the plans with Vision Thing for the future?

Working on issue two at the moment. I’ve been fairly busy with college work so far this year so this issue will have a few more contributions – Liamy will be be gracing the zine with his genius again, and Nate who writes for Corehammer will be writing something too. Beyond that, Vision Thing will hopefully become more regular – ideally four issues a year, as well as a more substantial online presence.


Oude Geuze Boon. A traditional spontaneously fermented, barrel aged, blended lambic from the lembeek region in Belgium. A blend of 2012 and 2013 lambics. Sharply sour, medium body, dried fruits and the carbonation and head of a champagne.

To be honest, I haven’t been a massive of fan of any sour beers I’ve tried in the past – just me and my inexperienced palette being mortified of anything it isn’t accustomed to. A small taste of this of this was enough to change that, anyway. Will definitely be open to trying more in future.

What films have you covered so far and what can we expect in issue 2?

Issue 1 had features on Walter Hill’sSouthern Comfort, Ruggero Deodato’sCannibal Holocaust, Alexei German’s Hard to a God, and George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, all considerably dirty, as well as Alex Garland’s shinier Ex-Machina. In Issue 2 we’ll be looking at censorship in Soviet war cinema, some more sleazy Italian horror, the d-rate sci-fi of Albert Pyun, and more.

You’re also a big fan of movie soundtracks, what do you recommend?

Anything by Tangerine Dream will plug you straight into the matrix. They basically founded the Berlin School and carved the landscape of electronic music. Check out their soundtracks for Michael Mann’s Thief and William Friedkin’s Sorcerer first and foremost. Anything by John Carpenter will give you the heebyjeebies and leave you reeling in ecstasy. He has a discography as expansive as his filmography and it’s all incredible, but Halloween III: Season of the Witch is a favourite of mine. Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack for Rain Man will make you feel like the king of the world so get that on if you’re feeling down.


Left Hand brewing – Nitro stout. A big nitrogen injected American Stout. Silky smooth, thick and with a big creamy head.  Dark roast and chocolate malts combined with subtle lactose sweetness to give this an almost milky, mocha like taste. A solid stout with added sweetness and a distinctive nitrogen texture. Pour hard, straight into the bottom of the glass.

This is a drink I could crack on a Monday morning with a slice of toast before work and not feel like a worthless degenerate. Fantastic stuff.

Curate a midweek night for me, give me a film and what to drink.

Something easy for the middle of the week – there’s a solid new Belgian horror film called Cub out with a great soundtrack by Steve Moore, who wrote the score for The Guest. Get that on with a selection of heavy Belgian beers to keep your arse in your seat.

You have 6 karpackie in the fridge, what film do you throw on?

Realistically I’m going to get 3 hours out of a sixer of the karpack’n’tans, unless I’m planning on putting my head through the telly – but I don’t think six of these are going to lend themselves well to an epic 3 hour film, so maybe two quick flicks would be a better choice. Don’t want to be falling asleep either, so I’d say a back-to-back of Animal House and Jackie Chan’s Drunker Master, for two pissed heroes.

You have 4 Sierra Nevada torpedos in the fridge, what film do you throw on?

The Hunt for Red October – Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, two submarines are a payload of Russian torpedoes.

Name a go to film you could always watch.

If I can’t pick something else to watch I’ll always go back to Alien. if I can’t get to sleep I’ll let the Xenomorph sing me into a slumber. Anytime, anywhere, get Ripley and the lads on the telly.

Name a go to beer you could always drink.

Guinness from the right boozer.

Favorite Irish beer/brewery?

Galway Bay and Galway Bay’s Stormy Port.

Favorite boozer/boozers in Dublin?

New bar Gasworks near Grand Canal Dock has a great selection, I think my favourite is the probably the Cobblestone though, for the Guin and the sizeable heated smoking area.

If you had 40 people rammed into an attic in Stoneybatter, what are you listening to and what are you drinking?

If it’s me picking the music, chances are I’m probably playing the Terminator 2 theme and everyone else is getting annoyed – and everyone’s drinking the ends of everyone else’s drinks.


Brooklyn Brewery – Black ops. 11.6% Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels, refermented with champagne yeast. Bitter dark chocolate, toffee, vanilla, all creep in after a huge taste of smoke and oak. Some blackcurrant sweetness. Warming like a whiskey. Carbonation is fizzy, tight and much more than your average stout. A beer that changes a little bit with every sip.

This is a beer that makes me feel like I’m someone important, and yeah every sip is something slightly different. Definitely a drink I could never ever get bored of.

Cheers Marty, anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you Jono for the beers and the company! Follow Vision Thing on Instagram @visionthingzine for info on issue 2, thanks!

Instagram: @emptiesblog @visionthingzine

We also drank:

Beavertown-Smog Rocket. 5.4% Smoked porter

Toøl – First frontier. 7.1% IPA

Westmalle – 9.5% Trippel


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