Beers to get in on top of you this weekend


It’s the weekend, keep her 90 with some empties recommendations.


postteo.jpgBrewdog – Albino Squid Assasin 7.4% Red Rye IPA

Getting past the painful name and awful design this is actually a lovely little can. It’s not trying to thump the head off you with bitterness, hops are a nice mix of earthy and zesty and it has that slightly pepper rye taste. There’s a decent malty backbone as well. Not your typical straight forward hop bomb, ignore the typical brewdog cringe and get it in




Mikkeller – Peter, Pale and Mary 4.6% Pale ale

So a folk pale ale (what?) in a 500ml tall boy, no dicking around. Pale ale, APA, FPA (lol) whatever, this is really enjoyable. Floral and citrus hops, a lot of orange and pineapple, a little piney and some mango sweetness. It’s got the hoppyness of an IPA without as much bitterness and a lower ABV. I could see this as a nice summer beer, handy that it’s in cans (but pour it into a glass you fucking animal) and there’s fuck all bottle banks around these days.



emptiesarcadeBrewdog – Arcade Nation 5.2% Black IPA

This one takes it pretty handy on the dark malts and bitterness. It’s a bit more subtle than the average black IPA, that roasty flavour you’d expect is pretty light, there’s no burnt or ashy tastes. Nice and hoppy without going over the top. It’s an easy drinking BIPA that i’d have again although normally I’d prefer a black IPA to sit me down and have a strong word with me.



skymountainTo øl / Buxton – Sky Mountain Sour 4.9%

This chap won’t take the lips off you but it’s decently sour. It’s not as dry as you’d find most sours, it has a decent body to it and it’s got a fruity sweetness after it sucks the teeth off you. It’s not very complex but it’s refreshing and I’d drink a few back to back no bother. Also the label is great, To øl continue to have one some of the most interesting bottle designs, the windows 95 looking frostbite label is a personal favourite.




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